Right Track Social Enterprise has been established since 2009 and even in our earlier years we were offering a positive alternative to young people from challenging backgrounds.

While we were attending a recent Careers Fair, Sharon Clay, the Head of House at Queen Elizabeth’s Academy in Mansfield, shared with us the great service we gave the school in 2010.

During the NEETS (Not in Education, Employment or Training) programme we were running at the time, our Engagement and Business Development Manager, Ben Buxton, was reaching out to students with difficulties and guiding them to re-engage into school life.

Ben was able to achieve this through various approaches including team activities, problem solving, goal setting and thinking about future ambitions.

Although Ben’s task posed obvious challenges, his approach proved to be extremely successful as improvement was quickly shown in the student’s overall behaviour.

Sharon praised Ben and Right Track for their positive influence on the school.

“Ben and Right Track were absolutely amazing! During their time at Queen Elizabeth’s we saw improvement in the children’s general behaviour and attendance. They’re always welcome back!”

It is extremely encouraging to hear that our good work has been remembered from over 5 years ago and will use this to continue putting young people on a path to a brighter future!