Right Track are providing several apprenticeship frameworks for five of J Tomlinson’s staff, who are an integrated building solutions company in Beeston.

The members of staff work in the regeneration department and include Zoe Elliot, Dora Godfrey (both Team Leading), Paige Barnet, Katie Stark (both Business Administration) and Emily Bailey (Customer Service).

While they are fairly new to their respective courses, Zoe shares how beneficial it has already been to them while also praising the quality service of their Vocational Coach, Clare.

‘The apprenticeship frameworks have already had a positive influence on the team, doing our theory work online has been handy in particular. Clare is very helpful and she always sees us all in one day. We would encourage other businesses to get involved!’

Emily had previously completed a Business and Administration apprenticeship with us and was so impressed with our services that she suggested us to her line manager!

We are really excited to be supplying so many apprenticeship frameworks to one business and are proud that our high quality service has been acknowledged!


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