Our Impact | November 9, 2021

Daniella’s Right Track Journey


At the beginning when I was being set up it was a little confusing as I had already completed the course I was originally going to do which was team leading and offered for me to do other courses if I wanted to. There were also few issues with getting my ID over as couldn’t find the things I needed and also things were not in date. Right track were patient with me whilst trying to get this sorted.

Both courses have been really interesting and have helped me understand mental health in more detail and the different specific areas. All the units are around different area of Mental health and although some of them were easier due to having them myself helped me to be able to put my own experiences in there. Other units I found a little harder due to not knowing much about them but having the resource book and being able to research more information I managed to get through it. Mental health level 1 was really easy but with level 2 there was much more information and in a lot more detail.

Latoya was my accessor. The first time I met her she was down to earth and lovely. Since then unfortunately covid 19 came meaning we couldn’t arrange face to face meetings but we had video calls once every week or 2 weeks. Latoya has given me all the support I have needed whatever time of day, and has been extremely helpful. She has been patient with me when I have needed extra time due to isolation situations and having a 6 year old to look after. Latoya makes you feel at ease straight away and although very professional, she could have a bit of a laugh.

Thank you so much Latoya for all of your help and support throughout both courses. I hope to be able to complete some more with you in the future.