Right Track Social Enterprise

Employee profile

Latoya Centritto


Latoya has been at Right Track for 7 years now and has learnt about so much over those 7 years. Prior to Right Track, Latoya  worked for 10 years in the childcare sector, helping to nourish and build developmental milestones in children from the ages of 0-10 years. She thoroughly enjoyed helping to build the confidence up in children to meet those milestones, helping parents/carers to work towards them as well. Latoya wanted to expand her age range and wanted to help young people and adults to achieve things that they never thought they would achieve. Latoya finds it rewarding and humbling to help them work towards those goals. This role has been based over Nottingham, Derbyshire and Manchester throughout the years. Latoya’s ambition is to keep working with people who lack in confidence and to help build them up and achieve goals they never thought were possible.