Right Track Social Enterprise

Employee profile

Nick Parr


Nick has been working in Education for over 20 years, 10 being part of Right Track Social Enterprise.

Having direct experience of OFSTED, Matrix and Cyber Essentials, during his time in education he has worked up from starting as placement advisor in 1998, to becoming a mentor, then into tutoring, onto management and is now a Director at RTSE.

Also, in other roles has experience in Prison, Hospitality & Catering, Sales and Warehousing.

Nick has lived experiences which includes periods of unemployment in his younger days, during this time experiencing short spells of homelessness and mental ill health, and in his later years direct experience of disabilities, Nick knows, whoever you are, where ever you come from life can be really hard at times and you don’t always see it coming, during this time you need the right help, support and it helps to have someone who believes in you.

Truly passionate about supporting people and bringing organisations together to best improve opportunities for communities, Nick works tirelessly with the RTSE team to bring our vision to life and let those who need support that we believe in you.