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skills support for the workforce

You can access fully funded training, so in short no cost to you as the employer. Our aim is to work with you as your Learning and Development partner.  

Therefore, we will work to design programme that meet your needs exactly, this is fully funded and we deliver this programme on behalf of Serco.

Current SSW Courses

We currently offer courses on:

  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Customer Service
  • Team Leading
  • Warehousing


Other courses are available and can also be built to fit a particular need of a business.

If you require further assistance and would like to find out more please contact us 01159 200300 or complete our Contact Form.

Apprenticeship Levy

If you’re an employer with a pay bill over £3 million each year, you will have been paying the apprenticeship levy from 6 April 2017 at a rate of 0.5% of your annual payroll.

You will report and pay your levy to HMRC through the PAYE process.  Funds show in your apprenticeship service account on the 23rd day of each month.

The amount of funding entering your account each month is calculated as follows:

  • the levy you declare to HMRC through the PAYE process
  • multiplied by the proportion of your bill paid to your workforce who live in England
  • Plus a 10% government top-up on this amount.

We offer a consultancy service to ensure that businesses are making the most out of their levy contributions.

Where we can deliver the training and you would like us to do so we will. If we discover that your needs do not match what we are able to deliver we can guide and support you when making the choice of who would like to deliver the apprenticeship for your employee. 

To be able to offer this service we would need to arrange a free no obligation business needs analysis meeting to ensure we are meeting the needs of the business and enrolling staff on to the relevant courses.

If you would like to find out more please contact us 01159 200300 or complete our Contact Form.

Bespoke Pre-Employment Training Programme

If you have a number of vacancies and would like to get more information about candidates than a conventional interview can provide, then one of or Sector Based Work Academies may be the ideal route for you.

These programmes, which support the Government’s drive to support more jobseekers into work, allow you to meet with a group of potential employees and tell them what its like to work for you – warts and all (if necessary).  It also gives us the chance to work with you to identify the core skills you need people to have.  We then develop our course to ensure candidates get the opportunity to demonstrate these skills and learn how to describe them to you at interview.

These programmes give you an additional route to fill your vacancies and ensure that you get access to those candidates who may not initially feel confident to apply to you directly.  They also increase the level of sustainability, as candidates know more about you before they come to interview – a useful way of reducing recruitment costs still further.  


All Sector Based Work Academies are created to meet your business’ specific needs and requirements and will last between 2 and 4 weeks.

Every course consists of 3 key components:

  • Pre-employment training – relevant to the needs of the business and sector.
  • Guaranteed job interview – anyone who completes the course is guaranteed an interview (not a job)
  • Work experience – this can be a site tour and introduction or it could be on the job training which is unpaid as the candidates are in receipt of benefits.**

** In certain industries we understand that work experience is not possible so this element can be removed.

  • Source candidates through Jobcentre Plus and other referral partners.
  • Pre-screen all candidates prior to attending the course
  • Provide feedback to the employer prior to interview
  • Fully involve you – they are your future employees.
  • An additional source of potential workers
  • Workers are pre-trained to understand your requirements
  • Try before you buy, testing for reliability, commitment, attitude
  • Bespoke courses can improve new starter productivity for clients

If you would like to find out more please contact us 01159 200300 or complete our Contact Form.


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