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Right Track Volunteered


Right Track volunteered to help out during the recent Coronavirus lockdown period when they went above and beyond their usual role by volunteering to help fetch shopping and prescriptions for people who were isolating. They also set up a phoneline to support people who were being made redundant.   During this time, I referred numerous people to them for practical help and nothing was too much trouble for them.  They frequently had to stand in queues at the chemists for over an hour only to be told that the chemist had run out of the items needed and then having to go back and queue again and again until it was available.  Sometimes medication was urgently needed eg for people who were terminally ill and they would drop everything to ensure it got to the patient as quickly as possible and they did not complain.  The service they set up and provided showed that they were quick to react to a community need they identified and were flexible and willing to step up and meet that need without seeking recognition.

In addition, they identified that there was a need to ensure that members of the public who did not have access to the internet could find out what support and help was available and how the community was coming together for local people.   They therefore co-ordinated a virtual meeting of relevant partner organisations to produce a free booklet highlighting the excellent voluntary and statutory services on offer.  Another example of their willingness during this time to lead and work in partnership for the benefit of the community.

Celia Knight, Nottingham City Council.