Our Impact | November 9, 2021

Sharon’s Success Story


The course was interesting and informative and the materials provided, textbook and presentation slides) were very useful. The course does provide some basic insights needed to be a team leader and I hope the learning and knowledge gained will put in a great position to obtain a team leading role in the future.

Latoya offered her support throughout the journey and was able to clarify things that I was unclear about (for example the wording of a question, I read it opposite to what it was intended). The feedback from the assessments have been prompt and informative. Feedback has been constructive and positive that has spurned me on to continue with the course, rather than giving up.

Latoya has been absolutely brilliant throughout the course and has regularly communicated changes, meetings and of course workbooks and feedback. She is extremely personable and put me at ease. She is aware of my current situation and has been patient with me (I have been an emotional wreck) as well a inspiring. She is a credit to your organisation!